Farming $VS on veSync

This tutorial explains how one can farm on veSync using the $ONEZ stablecoin

ZeroLend partnered with veSync to provide our users an opportunity to farm $VS.

What is veSync?

veSync is a community-driven, ve(3,3) DEX built on the zkSync network combining liquidity, voting, and rewards in a single application. At the core of veSync is the $VS token. Users can stake $VS for $veVS to vote on emissions and earn rewards.

You can:

Providing Liquidity on veSync

  1. Ensure your assets are on the zkSync network and that you have minted $ONEZ.

  2. Go to veSync's website and choose a pool that pairs ONEZ with another asset, such as ONEZ/USDC or ONEZ/ETH, and which has an active gauge for yield farming.

  3. Navigate to the liquidity page for the chosen pool. Pools currently available are:

  1. Decide on the amount you wish to contribute to the Liquidity Pool.

  1. Use the 'Deposit & Stake' option to add your tokens to the LP.

  2. After providing liquidity, you will start earning LP rewards in the form of $VS.

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