Providing liquidity on eZKalibur

Step-by-step process on how to provide liquidity for USDC/ ONEZ pair on eZKalibur

What is eZkalibur?

eZKalibur is the most efficient ecosystem-focused and community-driven DEX and Launchpad built on zkSync. Their goal is to build the foundation that allows other protocols to bootstrap their liquidity on the chain.

Steps to provide ONEZ liquidity on ezKalibur

  1. After successfully minting $ONEZ, visit the eZKalibur website at to access the main dashboard.

  2. Connect your wallet and switch to zkSync chain.

  3. Click on "Trade"

  1. Select "Liquidity".

  1. You will now find an option to add liquidity.

  1. Select the first pair as $USDC.

  1. Select the second pair as $ONEZ.

  1. Click on "Manage Liquidity".

  1. Type the amount of ONEZ you want to add in the pool. The USDC equivalent to ONEZ is automatically adjusted.

  1. Approve both "USDC" and "ONEZ" one-be-one.

  1. Once the transaction is approved, you will get a message that says 'Transaction Successful'

Congratulations! You have now successfully added the liquidity into the pool.

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