Providing Liquidity on Velocore with $ONEZ

Step-by-step process on how to provide liquidity for USDC/ ONEZ pair on Velocore

  1. After successfully minting $ONEZ, visit the Velocore website at to access the main dashboard.

  2. Click on the "POOL" option on the Velocore platform to start the process of contributing liquidity.

  1. Browse through the available liquidity pool options or use the search bar to type "ONEZ" to filter for liquidity pools that involve the $ONEZ token. As of now, the USDC /ONEZ pair is available.

  1. Select the "USDC/ ONEZ" pair to proceed with providing liquidity to that specific pool.

  1. Enter the amount of $ONEZ you wish to deposit. The platform will display the corresponding USDC value automatically.

  1. If you prefer not to stake your Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens, toggle the button indicated with a yellow arrow. This allows you to simply deposit LP tokens.

  2. Confirm and finalize your transaction through your wallet.

  3. With the transaction confirmed, you've officially provided liquidity to the USDC / ONEZ pool on Velocore and are now poised to earn rewards based on the terms of the pool.

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