How to mint the $ONEZ Stablecoin?

This section explains how to mint the $ONEZ stablecoin

  1. Connect Wallet: Go to ONEZ.Cash and link your wallet to the zkSync chain.

  2. Deposit Assets: Choose and deposit an accepted cryptocurrency, then click "Next."

  3. Collateral Ratio: Opt for a collateral ratio above 150% for safety, understanding it impacts the mintable amount of ONEZ.

  4. Mint ONEZ: Review and confirm the amount of ONEZ you can mint with your collateral, then click "Mint."

  5. Earn Interest: Your deposited collateral is lent out via Zerolend, with earned interest covering loan repayments for minting ONEZ. This lending is automatically used to increase the value of your collateral.

Key Points

  • Adjust the collateral ratio based on risk preference.

  • The process integrates collateral lending with Zerolend to sustainably manage loan repayments.

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