Managing Positions

Manage Collateral

You can add or withdraw collateral. Adding collateral would increase your collateral ratio, while withdrawing it would decrease the ratio. It's essential to keep it above the minimum required threshold to avoid liquidation.

Adding/Removing Collateral

  1. Access Position Management:

  2. Modify Collateral:

    • Choose to either 'Add Collateral' to increase your stake and improve your collateral ratio, or 'Remove Collateral' to decrease your stake.

Manage Debt

You can also pay down your debt in ONEZ or possibly mint more ONEZ if your collateral ratio allows for it. Paying down the debt would improve your collateral ratio, while minting more would reduce it.

Repay/Generate Debt

  1. Acces Position Management

  2. Debt Management Options:

    • Click on "Manage Debt" to view options for adjusting your loan.

    • Choose 'Repay Debt' to reduce what you owe or 'Generate Debt' to increase your loan based on your available collateral.

Position Closure

To close the position, you must repay the ONEZ you owe. If you don't have enough ONEZ, you'll need to acquire the additional amount required to pay back the entire debt.

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